Silly mind, missing paper


Just messaging to say I accidentally took the pieces of paper home with me on Friday… just gone to upload the voting selection and obviously the papers are not on my desk as I pocketed them. Please come back tomorrow…



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Feb & March Sessions

Hello everyone!

The results are in and the voting has spoken, the book with the most votes is Vango by Timothee de Fombelle, so that will be the book we read in March. The next few sessions go as follows:

Friday 10th February-The Beginning Woods by Malcolm McNeill

Friday 10th March- Vango by Timothee de Fombelle

Whoop. Hope to see you all then and don’t forget to vote for April (when the new voting is up on Monday!)

Happy reading.


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Just wanted to do a quick post update with the information about upcoming sessions. SO.

Friday 13th January- Max by Sarah Cohen-Scali

Friday 10th February- The Beginning Woods by Malcolm McNeill

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and here is to a 2017 full of fun reading group sessions, huzzah.

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December, January and Voting for February

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the day delay in getting the voting on the website. Voting for February is now open, so please go to the Books Voting page on here and place your vote. I’ll announce the winning title at our next meeting.

Talking of next meetings, we’ll be meeting on Friday 9th December to discussing ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’, which is the short story collection here. We’ll be having a mini festive party with more food compared to normal (mmm) so be there or be square*

Our next session after that is in January, Friday 13th January where we will be discussing ‘Max’ by Sarah Cohen-Scali. This is the book that we chose but I pushed back to January.

I hope you have a great month! Happy Reading 🙂


*if you can’t make it I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year period.

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November, December and January

Hello everyone,

For those of you that were at the session last week you will already know this, just a reminder to say that there has been a change of plans with what book we are reading in November, we will be reading David Almond’s ‘Skellig’ instead. Thank you for agreeing with the change…

Which then leads on to the next two months after that. Obviously 9th December is when we have our Christmas party and we will be discussing our Winter themed book I’ll be Home for Christmas although I also said to anyone who also wanted to read A Christmas Carol we would spend a few mins talking about that too.

Finally we will then be reading Max on Friday 14th January, so all I did was move the date back.  Sorry if you have been reading ahead for the shift in month.

Wowee, what a fun filled three months. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy reading!

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November Book


With our next session approaching in two days time I thought I’d check out where we were for voting for November and we do have a winner, so I thought I’d announce it now then wait until Friday.

We will be reading…

9781406368253Max by Sarah Cohen-Scali on Friday 11th November.

Which you can purchase on our website here. We do have copies in stock in the bookshop and the library have two that aren’t already on loan.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday for ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’! Don’t forget to come with some Christmas related suggestions for December.

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Voting is up for November

Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d pop up a little message to remind you all that voting is up for November’s read on the book voting page.

Also, don’t forget to bring along some Christmassy or winter suggestions for the next session so we can look at voting for December.

Next session is on Friday 9th September, I look forward to seeing you then.


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